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Monday, May 19, 2014

Jim Cornette   Website for Professional Wrestling manager and lifelong super fan Jim Cornette. Listen to his podcast where Jim regularly and hilariously tears "knuckle dragging & mouth breathing" Tea Party and Republicans idiots a painful new one. Cornette knows the art of a promo rant as they call it in wresting and never fails to entertain. A favorite son of the Bluegreass State I'll be the first to say it....Cornette for Governor! His mama would be proud.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dash Rip Rock The greatest rock band to ever come out of Louisiana! As ZZ Top is to Texas so is Dash Rip Rock to Louisiana. Honored member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Proto originators of "cow punk"......Punk Rock interpretations of Country Music and Country interpretations of Rock Music. Do yourself a favor and download some Dash Rip Rock today.

The Phil Hendrie Show

Phil Hendrie is a Radio Genius who spoofs talk radio by imitating all the voices of all of his wild and crazy "guests". True 'Theatre of the Mind" comedy that is probably responsible for 50% of the endorphins running through my system at any time. Sure to make you laugh--a gotta hear it to understand it.

Check out his can get a free 48 hour pass that will give you a good idea of the comedic genius that is Phil Hendrie.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Scientific Method A very interesting site designed to educate the reader on what is refered to as the Scientific Method---a process that is "the complete method of creative problem solving and decision making" and "The Greatest Idea of All Times". Modest he is not but what if Norman W. Edmund is right? Read Norman E. Edmunds' $100,000 challenge to educators.

Counterpunch Daily political articles from an alternative/left perspective from a wide spectrum of contributors.

World Mysteries Explore lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries.

Albert Ellis Institute Albert Ellis was the founder of Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy or REBT. REBT is a worldview and therapeutic process designed to free oneself from irrational beliefs that lessen our ability to lead emotionally positive lives. It is a simple concept to both understand and practice.

Dr. Michael Parenti Dr. Michael Parenti is a Yale trained political scientist, author, and lecturer who challenges the simplistic worldview often sold to us by the media and politicians. The persuit of the truth may lead us to insights we might wish to avoid but such is required if we desire to be free individals.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pisgah Inn The Blue Ridge Parkway is a national treasure that you must experience. You can stay at the Pisgah Inn or at the park campground down the road. Site for the nearby Nantahala Outdoor Center where one can arrange area canoe trips, rafting, and hikes.

Freegans Why buy stuff when you can find it in the trash for free? Why buy and possess much of the consumer junk that clogs and oppresses our lives at all? This is the way of the Freegan--the new American revolutionary who will lead us into the post-stuff future. To have not is to have all...except when it comes to this MacBook I'm using right now." Super link source for the Voluntary Simplicity lifestyle.

Mystery Shopping Easy money and free meals await those willing to visit stores and restaurants and then compile a short customer experience report.

The Christian Community The Christian Community, Movement for Religious Renewal, came into being when in 1922 German theologians took up and developed suggestions offered by Dr. Rudolf Steiner the founder of Anthroposophy. Today 350 congregations worldwide and 18 in the United States celebrate their deeply moving service which is known as The Act of Consecration of Man. Not, and I repeat and emphasize as strongly as possible, not to be missed.

Walter Anderson Museum The late artist Walter Anderson lived along the Mississippi Gulf coast. He painted and sketched the flora and fauna of the small islands off the coast. There is an excellent new documentary devoted to his work called "Walter Anderson-Realizations of an Artist".....his mind's eye was opened where ours are normally closed and the world he revealed enlivens and amazes us today.

Ralph Moss Dr. Ralph Moss is a dedicated journalist and writer specializing in the difficult subject of cancer. His books and "reports" on specific cancers are excellent ammunution should you or a loved one ever find yourselves facing such a challenge.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Radical Academy A site with outstanding articles and other content. A Project of the Center for Applied Philosophy. "To Inform-To Educate-To Challenge-To Debate"

Truly Alive Interesting site regarding facing mortality to enhance life and day to day living.

City Boxers The best boxer short site I have found to date. Great fabrics, length options, and very well sewn.

GradeFix No, not that kind of fixing. Rather a productivity tool site that will help you to organize your study time and increase it's effectiveness.

Jaffe Brothers Just a fantastic mail order/online source for all the staples of a healthy, organic diet.

Buteyko Know anyone with asthma always having to use an inhaler? This breathing method makes the claim that through consistent practice one can greatly reduce asthmatic episodes.

Holy Basil Holy Basil, or "Tulsi", is something of the ginseng of India. Drunk as a tea it is purported to help regulate all aspects of health. Planted in front of holy sites and homes to ward off evil it is known as "The Incomparable One", "The Queen of Herbs", and "The Elixir of Life". Time for someone to now invent Tulsi bottled tea. Online source for Tulsi Tea.

Bicycle Motor Can't swing the $2500 for a Vespa Scooter? $579 for a bike motor and a $50 used mountain bike can get you rolling on a budget.

Disinfo Alternative/conspiracy news site with a series of books as well. Remember: conspiracy theories--- professional wrestling for intellectuals.

Tree Hugger Interesting enough site covering the emerging Green Economy with reviews of products and services.

Project Gutenberg Over 100,000 free e-books for the downloading.

World's Healthiest Foods A very informative website covering just about every food you'll ever eat.

Seed Savers Want to grow some purple carrots originated from Japan? Seed Savers probably has those seeds for sale. Rare and exotic seeds from around the world. Are your choices and attitudes free and independent or are they influenced by the hidden drives and motivations of class? Are we forever consigned to the class of our birth?

Dahon Super folding bicycles of all sorts and price ranges.

Early Colleges For many high school is a boring, stultifying, juvenile waste of time...idea...finish early and go straight to college.

Brain Gym Cool exercises to enhance learning and concentration by bringing in sync the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For both students and adults. Similar to Brain Gym.

JetBoil Awesome and I mean awesome outdoor camping stove.

Pluto Books A source for books that analyze US government foreign policy actions through the eyes of those who live in the affected countries......some none too happy as a result.

Soil and Health Library If you're heading "back to the land" you'll want to study this site of free e-books.

ScienceDaily Excellent daily science news site.

Dr. John McDougall Dr. John McDougall has a scientifically credible method for you to both lose weight and prevent of the onset of serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, depression, etc. Sound too good to be true? Study his writings as he has done his homework and is on top of a lot of clinical data. Hope you don't mind excluding all the good tasting fats we so love to eat, however.

Smart-Kit Looking to improve your study/learning skills or to function more effectively in your career? See this site by a clinical neurologist who has collected a lot of scientific information on optimal brain functioning and then translated it into something understandable for us lay people.

Reflective Happiness Site for the newly emerging psychological science of optimism. Follow the RH methodology and experience a 93% increase in your good vibrations and bliss times.

HeartSpheres Way, way cool new method to manage stess, relieve depression, emotionally chill, and get all your mojo cooking and in working order.

World Socialist Web Site A daily must read for searingly insightful contemporary events analysis and commentary.

Dr. Peter Breggin Do you have friends and family members telling you "maybe you need to be medicated?" while ignorant of the potentially really scary side effects? Dr. Peter Breggin is your go to guy for a slow down and let's study this some more perspective.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sewanee, TN Sewanee-The University of the South. An outstanding liberals arts college and just a really neat community situated on 10,000 acres of mountaintop domain in eastern Tennessee. Also a great place to bail out to when a category 5 hurricane is bearing down on you in New Orleans.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bibliotheca Alexandrina The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is one of the most incredible libraries in the world-though, being in Egypt, is something of a hike to get to.

T@B Trailers Way, way cool trailers designed for outdoor comfort adventure and/or low cost retirement living down by the river.

My Architect One of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. Don't miss this one.

Bio-Chart Feeling blah or great today? See if that feeling corresponds with your biorhythms.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Real Milk All is not well in the dairy industry. See site for details. Remember the 16 year old day trader who got fined by the SEC for about $250,000 but was able to hold onto several hundred thousand in stock trading profits? This is his stock pick website.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Orthomolecular Medicine Know anyone struggling with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder? Steer them to this site that advocates the use of mega vitamins and other nutrients to treat these disorders.

Glidehouse Way cool pre-fab modern style home.

Jack Millers Fantastic south Louisiana bar-b-que sauce.

Deep Springs College This is a really small college, like 30 students, who live on a ranch way out in the desert somewhere in California. Founded by some eccentric millionaire it attracts a very dedicated student body and alum group.

Ibex Wear Few things stand the test of time like wool. Ibex makes outstanding wool outdoor wear that will be handy to have when society collapses and you're trudging across a cold, barren, windswept plain in search of food. Prior to that time it's also excellent sport and everyday wear.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beck Institute Site for Aaron T. Beck, M.D. who is the founder of Cognitive Therapy which is a clinically proven means to address and surmount life challenges. Also see:

Speedminton Super cool new updated badminton like game with a faster shuttlecock and larger racket.

Consortium News Site for investigative journalist Robert Parry who has researched and written extensively on the Bush political dynasty.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Amas Test For $125 you can have this innovative cancer screening test. That's about the price of 20 packs of cigarettes.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Honey Locator This is one "sweet!" search engine.

Round The World Flights A good site if you want to buy an airline ticket that allows you multiple stops as you circle the globe. Other sites to study are listed below:

Morris Institute Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life-"The mission of the Morris Institute is to bring the wisdom of the ages into modern life in a way that matters."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Great Buildings A fantastic site with an excellent search engine to research buildings and the architects responsible for them.

Catholic Worker Catholic Worker, founded by Dorothy Day, is inspired by the premise that the least among us are deserving of dignity. Today over 180 Catholic Worker communities endeavor to promote social justice, mercy, and charity.

Personality Research Many, many interesting personality tests on this site.

Avesta A site devoted to the ancient religion of "Zoroastrianism" which at one point was the dominant world religion. They believe in having sacred fires with some kept lit at temples on a continual basis.

General Semantics General Semantics is about the use of language and how it's use determines how we view the world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Qi Journal The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness. Website for a magazine devoted to tai chi, martial arts, and traditional chinese medicine with a good selection of online articles.

The Great Ideas From their Manifesto: Plato's Socrates observed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Our understanding of what he means will lead us to conclude that an unplanned life cannot be lived well. Therefore we ought to seek—a sound and practical plan of life that will help us to make our whole life good.

Grow Home The Volkswagon Bug of starter homes designed by McGill University professor Avi Friedman, winner of the United Nations World Habitat Award. 10,000 of these homes have been built in Canada at a cost of about $40,000 each.

Temple Lodge Interesting publisher out of England with a variety of titles worth reviewing.

Ortho-K Special contact lenses that correct nearsightedness. By wearing the lenses several hours day your cornea is shaped to correct vision which is maintained for a period (about a day) once the contacts are removed. Safer than Lasik surgery.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Personal Finance Blog A good blog by a guy looking to bank a million bucks in retirement savings and portfolio. He discusses his investments, trades, and other financial planning strategies.

Contesting You may already be a winner...if you spend a few moments a day entering contests. A site with an incredible overview of major contests underway. As an experiment I'm entering contests every day for one year and have already won 25 big ones...dollars.

Mercer and Sons This may be the source for the most durable oxford cloth shirts in America. As soon as my Google Ad Sense money starts rolling in I'm going to buy one.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Phaidon Press Excellent publisher of books on architecture, design, media arts, etc. They have a new book out on world architecture that is a 20 pound monster of a book.

Sir Francis Bacon Everything you ever wanted to know about Sir Francis Bacon. Was he the true author of Shakespeare's plays? Great site about a great individual.

Rocky Mountain Institute The Rocky Mountain Institute is all about energy conservation and how to create a sustainable society. They're also working on a revolutionary car design.

Arts and Letters Daily Very informative cultural news portal.

John Taylor Gatto Former New York state Teacher of the Year has written a book called The Underground History of American Education. Gatto contends that it's all a plot to make us obedient worker drones who will respond to bells and gold stars when we're not chained to our desks and, oh-oh, he makes a very convincing case.

Technocracy Here's an idea-let's dissolve the borders of North and South America and replace national currencies with an exchange unit based on energy credits. We'll manage this new "Technate" entity as a single energy using/sharing commons run by engineers and scientists rather than politicians. At least, I think that's what the Technocracy folks would have us do to solve our problems.

Fate Magazine This little magazine has been around for decades and is a fun read. All kinds of stories about mysteries, strange occurrances, voodoo, weird mojo, and the like.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps If you are not familiar with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap then you either did not grow up during the 60's, have never been in a health food store, or have been living in a cave. Dr. Bronner's is perfect to wash off all that cave gunk in order to reenter society. All One! See website for details.

Henry George School Why today amid leisure and affluence do we have people who are destitute? Henry George, one time candidate for mayor of New York City, sought to answer that question 100 years ago in his book Progress and Poverty. Today we hear of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison from that period yet at the time Henry George was just as prominent. Today the school offers free courses in economics and work continues worldwide to advocate the Georgist philosophy of a single land tax. Also see:

Nomadic Research Labs Site for a guy who has created self-contained bicycle and kayak forms of extended travel transport while connected to cyberspace.

RAWA Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. For the real scoop on the struggle for universal democratic rights in Afghanistan see this site. Even modest gifts of financial or material support can have a real impact on a people who have had to subsist on the bitter bread of war for far too long.

Left Business Observer

Website and newsletter for the business writer Doug Henwood who wrote a book titled "Wall Street" several years ago that didn't win him a lot of fans with the Wall Street Journal. Funny guy and a good read/different take on the business news.

Jung Institute "I regard it as the noblest task of psychotherapy in our times to untiringly serve the personal growth of the individual."
C.G. Jung

Edward Tufte Professor at Yale who has published extensively on information design who the New York Times refers to as "the Leonardo da Vinci of data".

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Reference Desk Super site with many different reference resources.

National Park Service Site for the National Park Service. I was going to do a post on Big Bend in south Texas but for now here is the site that covers all of our national parks.

$19 Glasses

Somewhere in China there is an optician making $1 an hour and glad to earn it so that we can have $19 prescription glasses with frames you probably wouldn't want to be seen in public in. Good for an emergency spare though.

Bach Flower Remedies Site dedicated to the work of Dr. Edward Bach-inventor of the Bach Flower Remedies. These remedies are certainly interesting and inexpensive but proof of their effectiveness rests with the subjective experience of the user.

Monthly Review Old line academic socialist magazine with interesting articles and book reviews.

Camphill Highly innovative and nuturing rural home communities for adults with developmental disorders such as autism and downs syndrome. An inspiring place to visit and worthy of financial support via either gifts or by purchasing craft items produced by the resident members themselves.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Acres USA Let's say you want to chunk city life and head to the country for a simpler lifestyle of growing your own food, snaring wild animals, weaving homespun cloth, chopping firewood, and playing cards by lamp light...well, better take an Acres USA catalog with you. Also see:

Psychohistory Fascinating theories of what psychohistorians call "the science of historical motivations". Psychohistory is a new social science and their methodology is controversial but well worth looking into if you are interested in either history or contemporary events.

Wobenzym Wobenzym is an all natural enzyme product that is a widely used aspirin alternative in Germany. Know someone with terrible back or other muscle pain who is caught between ulcer causing aspirin products or more powerful medications with difficult side effects? Steer them to this site as Wobenzym is a real alternative with few if any side effects.

Classics Library Way to go MIT with your free access database to hundreds of classical authors where you can read complete texts online in english translation.

Epicurious They tout themselves as the world's greatest collection of recipes which my second sister will welcome as she loves being in the kitchen.

Lonely Planet Oh, come on it's not so bad is it? Despite the name Lonely Planet produces superb travel books and their site is an extensive resource for the active and armchair traveler. Also see:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Personality Tests A site where you can take free personality tests. There will be more posts on testing sites in the future.

A Pattern Language Christopher Alexander is an architect who has sought to define the "nature of order" which is the title of his latest book in a highly acclaimed series on architecture, design, and urban planing.

Frank Lloyd Wright Website that preserves and extols the works of the visonary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Filson Looking for tough wearing clothes and gear when you're living in Alaska or navigating the stone canyons of Manhattan? Check out Filson.

Rivendell Bicycles When I hit the lottery I'm getting a Rivendell Bicycle which are handbuilt in Marin, California by bike industry legend Grant Petersen. Great website expounding a cool "retro grouch" philosophy of durable bikes and the simple living good times inherent within.

Brain Builders

Brain Builders by Richard Leviton is an amazing guidebook to exercises, foods, and ideas to sharpen your brain and keep it cookin' well into old age. A fantastic book-you ought to be able to find it used on or at your local library.

Urban Almanac This is a smart little guidebook to help the urban dweller stay connected to natures rhythms. Lots of good ideas within to help one address the age old question "how then should I live?"

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Nobel Prize Site for the Nobel Prize of Sweden. I enjoying clicking on the site help link and studying all 770 previous Nobel Prize winners. Quite an inspiring collection of individuals.

Surf Music Another great American invention--surf music.

Dome Living Speaking of Buckminster Fuller here is a source of beautiful domes for day to day and weekend living. Super website by the federal government on outdoor recreation choices across the nation in parks and other public lands.

Bootsnall Travel Nice website for the independent traveler up for some low cost world adventure travel.

Buckminster Fuller Institute An institute dedicated to the memory and ideas of the American Medal of Freedom winner Buckminster Fuller who invented, most famously, the geodesic dome. Learn about the geodesic dome, the Dymaxion Car, Dymaxion Map, and the Dymaxion House. Additional information on the nature of Synergetics and Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science that "advances humanity's options for success". Fuller was the epitome of the pragmatic, solution seeking American spirit. Also see:

Monday, August 01, 2005

Dr. Alfred Tomatis Tomatis Sound Therapy has been used to treat a wide range of behavorial, emotional, and learning issues. Little known but with centers around the world.

Highlander Center The Highlander Center and Folk School, located in eastern Tennessee, has a special place and storied history in the long march toward expanded democratic rights and human freedom.

Lehmans The source for home goods and tools for the Amish lifestyle. If the Amish were to ever use a computer they could browse through all of the butter churns and oil lamps.

Iscador If you or a friend/family member are ever faced with the Big C (cancer) make it a point to look into Iscador. Here's another good site as well:

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Game Puzzles I love this site and want to buy all 178 games and puzzles listed. The family that games together stays together.

Clark Howard The excellent website for a talk radio consumer advocate guy with good financial planning and money management information.

Lindsay Technical Books

If you ever wanted to smelt some metal then build your own lathe and machine tools this is the book source for you.


Audiblox is a progressive learning system for regular students and those with learning difficulties. Describing their method as a "multisensory cognitive enhancement program" it is touted as helping a student develop "concentration, perception, memory, and logical thought". Sounds pretty cool.

Johnson O'Conner Research Foundation A fantastic aptitude testing service to help you find your true career path.

Froebel Kindergarten Movement

Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel (1782-1852) was the founder of what we today call kindergarten with a special emphasis on a specific set of instructive toys known as the Froebel "gifts". Lost through time but now enjoying a modern resurgence it is altogether interesting, hopeful, and encouraging.

YouthSection.Org The youth initiative of the Anthroposophical Society. Located at the Goetheanum--School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland.

Critical Thinking How then should I live? Here's a good resource to help you address just such a question.

St Johns Wort

I have become a huge fan of St Johns Wort recently. SJW was the rage several years ago as a natural treatment for mild depression but kind of fell off the map when a study came out that indicated that it wasn't effective. A new study is out that quality, high potency SJW preparations are as effective as Paxil....with few if any side effects. Further study reveals that SJW isn't just good for depression which can encompass a lot of symptoms but can be seen as a soul healing medicine as the SJW deep red oil lights a bonfire of warmth and radiance within you. Can also improve sleep quality. Well worth investigating in greater depth.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hydrofloss This is a fantastic water pik type device that magnetizes the water which in turns does an amazing job keeping you free of plaque. They sell for about $129.00 and are worth investigating.

Weston A Price Weston A Price was a dentist who traveled to the far corners of the globe studying healthy/happy native people and how when they adopted the modern/western diet the dental, physical, and psychological health of their offspring took a nosedive. Super site with excellent articles.

Slow Food Hey, chill and slow down and enjoy that organic heirloom squash you're about to eat. That's the slow food movement in a nutshell with their old world/revolutionary ideas about people sitting around a table talking and enjoying a home cooked meal.

Burning Man If you have ever wanted to run around in the desert with thousands of counter culture types and then burn a huge straw man in effigy look no further.

Mountain Safety Research When society collapses and you're reduced to living in a tent and cooking your meals on a camping stove (if you can find fuel and food) you'll want MSR equipment. Before that time their gear is great for camping too.

Argan Oil A culinary oil from Morrocco that is new to me and sounds very appealing.

American College of Orgonomy Website for the American College of Orgonomy which studies the theories of the late natural scientist and psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Fascinating articles on raising healthy children, healing damaged adults, the nature of the orgone, etc.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hampton Roads Publishing Another nice print catalog from a self-help and spirituality publisher with some excellent titles.

Princeton Architectural Press The site itself is great to browse around. However, the free catalog that you can request is a beautifully designed bit piece of print art.

Guardian Newspaper The Guardian newspaper of London is a great daily read.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Honey Wine This site is all about Mead--honey wine. Party drink of the Roman Gods. Let the honey wine flow and the good times roll!

Brecht Forum The New York Marxist School. If you live in Manhattan the Brecht Forum is a hidden gem offering lectures, classes, book parties, and a new crib that I need to check out. Keep an open mind when there and hope that any photos taken of you won't derail your future political career in Alabama.

Seaside Florida Seaside is a New Urbanism planned community on the Florida gulf coast between Destin and Panama City. Founded by progressive Birmingham architect Robert Davis and site location for the movie The Truman Show. It was really nice when it was just a few sparse homes and it gets criticized for being yuppieish but it beats the cement condos lining the rest of Florida hands down. The beach at night is just fantastic and the bookstore and restaurants are cool. Next door state park Grayton Beach offers cheap digs and you can always park in town and Ninja camp in the nearby dunes for free.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Johrei Johrei is a very interesting spiritual healing movement out of Japan that also has initiatives in natural farming, flower arranging, and sacred art appreciation. Johrei centers worldwide offer their "channeling the divine light to dispel spiritual clouds and toxins" free of charge or for donations. It seems Shumei is a splinter group of Johrei. Beautiful website.

Speick Soap Is there, out of thousands of possibilities worldwide, a single best bar of soap? Speick is a high alpine valerian plant from which a rare oil is extracted from the roots. Discovered by Walter Rau when studying ancient manuscripts about plants and herbs it is purported to relieve nervious tension and it's users often become dedicated fans.

Chef John Folse A vast collection of south Louisiana recipes by Louisiana legend chef John Folse who has not only cooked for the Pope but discussed sausage making with him as well. Listen to his weekly radio show link as it's a real hoot of a show.

Finding a Job If you have never read "What color is your parachute" do so even if you're not looking for a job a the moment. Tell anyone you know doing a job or career search to check out the book and it's companion website above. An excellent resource that will save you time and stress when you're pounding the pavement looking for your next paycheck.


National Outdoor Leadership School: Outstanding wilderness adventure and education trips. Founded by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt. Semester long trip for students in locations all over the world. Two and four week trips for adults of all ages. Their print catalog is a mini vaction in itself.

World News Translator A great site for world news sources and translation into multiple languages by Louisiana journalist Rick Perez. With the streaming video links you can watch TV from all over the world.

Monday, July 25, 2005

United World College A fascinating school that is a grade 13 program for advanced high school juniors and seniors. One of a network of schools worldwide with the American branch founded by Prince Charles and the late Armand Hammer. The program provides scholarships and grants an accredited 2 year "international baccalaureate" degree. The board of trustees includes Nelson Mandela and Queen Noir of Jordan. The alumni group is very vibrant as well.

Stock Pick Newsletter There are hundreds of stock newsletters but this guy has a solid winning record and selection methodology that I'm impressed with.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Cool Magazines

Lilipoh Magazine: A neat little magazine covering many different iniatives of the Anthroposophical Movement: Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, eurythmy, anthroposophical medicine, the Threefold Social Order, Camphill communities, etc. Read the articles link. Also see:
Dwell Magazine: A super architecture and design magazine that all the hipsters are reading.
Metropolis Magazine: Another cool architecture/design magazine.
Kiplinger Magazine: A good financial planning magazine and even better website.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cool Tools Don't miss this site by the writer Kevin Kelly of Whole Earth magazine fame. Make sure to click on the Cool Tools section.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Swiss Elixir Tonic A mixture of B vitamin rich good food yeast, 15 herbs, honey, malt, and orange juice. Made in Zurich, Switzerland for over 40 years in a small lab overlooking Lake Zurich. Over 30 clinical studies attest to it's ability to improve daily physical and mental energy. I drink it daily mixed with water and tea. Superior to any vitamin tablet.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cajun Zydeco Rock A great band from Lafayette, Louisiana with an infectious sound that Bruce Springstein has recently been using as bumper music on his latest tour. New CD out that is getting excellent reviews.

Yellowstone Park Jobs They need people right now--not a bad place to spend the rest of the summer w/ room and board included.

Friday, July 15, 2005 If you don't know it's a great community website for cities worldwide. Make sure to check out rants and raves.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good Radio Shows

Phil Hendrie: Very funny satire/a must listen.

WNYC: 10 am to 2 pm (Eastern) Fantastic interviews with a wide range of people and topics.

Radio Locator: Listen to radio worldwide.

Discount Outdoor Equipment

Sierra Trading Post:

Make sure to check out the 60% off link. I've found good deals there.

Stock to Watch

Statoil----STO. A Norwegian oil company that has recently run up from $16 to $22 in just six weeks. May be moving up to $30 plus in the near future. They have billions of dollars in proven reserves, are 70% owned by the Norwegian government, and follow a progressive green/ecology code of conduct. They also invest in new energy technologies such as hydrogen. I'm buying it/buy as much as you can.